Our trainings

We offer trainings from 1 to 3 days long, covering everything required to start assessing and pentesting Industrial Control Networks.

Take a look at our 3-day training, or get in touch for a custom training !

ICS: Build, Break, Secure

Discover the world of Industrial Control Systems with an attack mindset! We will follow a hands-on approach, growing from a very simple local process to a realistic ICS environment with 3 words in mind:

  • Build: how does it work?
  • Break: what are the weaknesses and how to exploit it?
  • Secure: what can we do to fix it?

Day 1 & 2 will allow you to discover and understand ICS and its components, by creating your own training environment and programming it. We’ll spend day 3 attacking a realistic ICS environment, and on day 4 we’ll learn how to secure it.

Moreover, the training doesn’t stop on the last day! Each participant will receive a 30-day access to the “ICS cybersecurity academy” elearning portal, which allows to watch the training content in video, as well as perform all the exercises on a cloud platform.

Past trainings

Below is a list of our past trainings:

  • Hack In Paris 2015 (11 attendees)
  • Hack In Paris 2018 (15 attendees)
  • CS3STHLM 2018 (20 attendees)
  • BlackHat Asia 2019 (20 attendees)
  • Hack in Paris 2019 (11 attendees)
  • CS3STHLM 2019 (20 attendees)
  • DeepSec 2019 (9 attendees)

Custom training

In order to fulfill your specific needs, we can also deliver custom training, to accommodate your company specificity. This might include sectorial/national regulations and standards, or your internal security policy.

Get in touch to know more !

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