Our trainings

We offer trainings from 1 to 3 days long, covering everything required to start assessing and pentesting Industrial Control Networks.

Take a look at our 3-day training, or get in touch for a custom training !

3-day ICS Pentesting

On this intense 3-day training, you will learn everything you need to start pentesting Industrial Control Networks. We will cover the basics to help you understand what are the most common ICS vulnerabilities. We will then spend some time learning and exploiting Windows & Active Directory weaknesses, as most ICS are controlled by Windows systems.

Past trainings

Below is a list of our past trainings:

  • Hack In Paris 2015 (11 attendees)
  • Hack In Paris 2018 (15 attendees)
  • CS3STHLM 2018 (20 attendees)
  • BlackHat Asia 2019 (20 attendees)
  • Hack in Paris 2019 (11 attendees)
  • CS3STHLM 2019 (20 attendees)
  • DeepSec 2019 (9 attendees)

Custom training

In order to fulfill your specific needs, we can also deliver custom training, to accommodate your company specificity. This might include sectorial/national regulations and standards, or your internal security policy.

Get in touch to know more !

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