Online training

You can now follow my “Industrial Control Systems: Build, Break, Secure” at your own pace, 100% online!

What is included in this elearning?

It is exactly the same content I deliver during the live trainings. It is meant to be a 3-day training, but you can go at your own pace since you’ll have access to all content for 30 days.

By registering for this training, you’ll get 30 days access to the online platform, including videos, the lab and CTF environments. Of course, you can download and keep the slides and the VMs after the 30-day delay.

Video presentation of the training

The course

You will get access to the 300+ slides covering all topics from the training:

  • Introduction to Industrial Control Systems
  • Automation basics & programming PLC
  • ICS protocols
  • Hacking the process
  • Focus on PLC security
  • Process supervision: SCADA and DCS
  • Linking to corporate environments: Windows & Active Directory security
  • SCADA/DCS specific vulnerabilities
  • An introduction to safety
  • Industry 4.0 & IIoT
  • Capture the Flag
  • ICS cybersecurity general approach & standards
  • Focus on ICS architectures
  • ICS cybersecurity assessments

For each of these topics, there are also video recordings of the course content, so it’s like you’re attending the live training:

The Labs

In addition to the video content, this training is heavily hands-on. As an attendee, you’ll be able to download 3 virtual machines specifically configured for the exercises.

All the exercises are also covered in video:

Exercise: Programming a PLC

Exercice: Packet capture analysis


To end the training, the Capture The Flag is always the most fun!

You’ll connect your VM to a VPN, and will have to compromise a Windows corporate environment, pivot to the ICS network and hack it in order to capture the flag!

All of this is hosted in the cloud, and you’ll be able to follow your progress with an HTML5 web simulation:

Target audience

This training aims at bridging the gap between IT and ICS: it is designed to allow OT professionals to understand the security challenges of ICS with an offensive mindset, while allowing IT professionals to discover the world of Industrial Control Systems and adapt their cybersecurity knowledge to this new world.

The training is heavily hands-on. While no ICS or pentest knowledge is required, it is recommended for attendees to have basic networking and computers skills (using virtual machines, the command line, understanding TCP/IP…).

Attendees need to bring a laptop with Virtualbox, capable of running 64-bits virtual machines (8GB RAM & 50GB free disk space recommended).

This training is not suited for people that already have a strong ICS cybersecurity technical experience.

Pricing and registration

The price for 1-month access to the elearning platform is 1 500€ VAT excluded for each participant.

Just send us a request for a quote at to register!

If you are a company, and would like to buy access for several employees, please get in touch for volume discount!

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