Custom training

In order to fulfill your specific needs, we can also deliver custom training, to accommodate your company specificity. This might include sectorial/national regulations and standards, or your internal security policy.

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Here are some of the topics that can be addressed in our trainings:

  • Introduction to ICS
  • Pentesting Basics & tools
  • Windows basics and pentesting Windows
  • Common ICS vulnerabilities
  • ICS protocols
  • Introduction to safety for security pros
  • Programming PLCs
  • Pentesting ICS
  • Securing ICS
  • Case study of securing an ICS
  • Capture The Flag specifically designed to train attendees to exploit vulnerabilities in ICS environnements. The CTF is based on real ICS devices (PLCs with sensors and actuators, SCADA software…)

Most of the modules are designed to include hands-on activities, with dedicated virtual machines as well as real ICS equipment for the attendees.



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